LWT 8 | Avoiding Confrontation with the Teachings of Eckhart Tolle

| February 20, 2009 | 5 Comments

In this episode: How to avoid rage and confrontation through presence.

Living With Tolle “Take 5″ is a new series of podcasts full of practical tips to guide you through the challenges of daily life. In this series, we look at specific, real life situations that challenge our ability to stay present. Greg and Leo guide us Confrontationback towards a state of awareness and presence through the fundamental teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

We will continue to produce our longer, more in-depth podcasts once a month.

You can send comments, share stories, and suggest real life situations of your own. Simply use the comment section below to continue the conversation.

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Leo and Greg

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Leo Aristimuno helps people develop mindfulness, inner peace, and joy in their daily lives. He teaches mindfulness meditation courses in Montclair, NJ, and offers inspirational workshops, retreats, and personal consultations. Leo has worked with Eckhart Tolle's teachings many years. He's the organizer of Living With Eckhart Tolle Meetup groups in NJ and NYC with over 1,400 members. Leo is also co-producer of the popular podcast LivingWithTolle.com

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  1. Clarence says:

    I remember when I first took assertiveness training classes. I either responded to a situation like this aggressive or passive. It took me awhile to practice assertive behavior. Actually I was usually dangerously aggressive. A addicted Person attempted to rob me in Greek Town Detroit,Michigan. I flew into a rage because he came out of the dark almost from nowhere. I think it was the combination of fear and personal invasion. But I just lost it he could have taken my life very easily but he ran.
    In this situation the assertive thing would be to make a I statement.
    I feel you have a right to your opinion but I also feel it is not fair to us or the children to be exposed to your language.

    I was in a large restaurant on the shores of Lake Michigan enjoying a sun set dinner with friends. A man a couple of tables from us started licking a gigantic cigar preparing to light it.
    I called a waitress over and ask her to have the manager put a stop to this behavior. Everyone hid in the kitchen.

    He pulled out his lighter. I shouted Do not Light that Cigar! in my loudest voice. There was a pause everything was quiet and then the full house of patrons all clapped loudly in unison.

    He did not light the cigar and waited until he got outside and lit it and paraded back and forth before the large windows.

    I don’t believe he knew where the shout came from and no one else but the manager or waitress did either.
    I am not sure any one teaching or philosophy has the answer to daily human interactions.

    I am pleased to be reminded of taking that large breath though before acting.

  2. Greg says:

    Hi Clarence,

    As Eckhart so lovingly reminds us – you don’t need to design a process or structure in order to practice presence, because life is enough. Whatever it is that you need to learn life will provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

    Yes, by taking that large breath you give yourself “space” to interact with life, instead of over reacting or under reacting – which is the ego.

    You may still end up taking the same course of action, but there will no longer be egoic energy tangled up in the action – just awakened doing!

    All the best.


  3. Elena says:


    this may not be an easy one.

    it is a situation. I live in a community in Germany and our administrattion, formed by 4 people, is over 25 years established and doing what they what with the money we pay them. There are clear “facts” that point to corruption.

    In a meeting I realized this and staying present at the moment I commented I would like to have diferent companies and quotations from many companies. I also commented one thing that is affecting only me. It was my first time there and there was a lot of negativity, shouting and everything. Another person told me this time it was much better than usual. One of this persons is extreme difficult, insults all there, starts to speak loud continuously, tryes to frighten people… Because I spoke on that meeting he is frightened that I might speak/denounce many of the irregularities that are taking place and he reacts now almost “following” me. He takes fotos of me, puts my trash I put the day before in front of my door,…it is a pity to see him like that and now I simple do not react (put my trash back…etc.).

    But what it is happening at the community since decades is realized by other people and eventually i Have/will denounce him privately and maybe the community.

    I am now in a conflict because sometimes in some cases (agressive people, people that have such a pain body that cannot but try to hurt other people maybe because of worry that they can have problems…in any case always conflictive) I think yoe need to act… evane for the well being all all us. Not to act (without reacting exactly at the moment) feels no good, how does it matches with Eckart presence and peace? How to deal in presence with people with a strong pain body that want to harm other people and are already doing using peoples money for themselves?

    I do not find it easy, not to act or do anything about it, event if we accept the situation as it comes, feels also like no presence.

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