Begin With Acceptance

| September 13, 2008 | 10 Comments

In this video, Greg discusses how acceptance is an important first step to begin bringing in the teachings of Eckhart Tolle to transform your daily life.

  • Ask yourself the simple question: “Am I in acceptance of this moment?”
  • Feel yourself dissolve tension, anxiety, frustration, and anger.
  • Allow yourself to fully accept each moment throughout the day so you can achieve clarity of mind as you face life’s challenges.

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Greg and Leo

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Leo Aristimuno helps people develop mindfulness, inner peace, and joy in their daily lives. He teaches mindfulness meditation courses in Montclair, NJ, and offers inspirational workshops, retreats, and personal consultations. Leo has worked with Eckhart Tolle's teachings many years. He's the organizer of Living With Eckhart Tolle Meetup groups in NJ and NYC with over 1,400 members. Leo is also co-producer of the popular podcast

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  1. Linda says:

    How can I be in acceptance of things that I’m so tired of doing? I’m speaking of my job tasks at work….I’m tired of not being able to finish most things to completion because of constant interruptions and emergencies from a new client in the last 6 months..and having help changes, training new people….it’s like nothing is staying steady long enough for me to complete…AND this all just keeps feeding into an underlying issue of “what am I doing here at this job, I’m tired of doing this, I want to move on…I’ve learned what I needed to learn here…”

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for your comment Linda and for describing your situation. The key with acceptance is to see it as a dynamic way to respond to life and not as a state of being resigned. I hear from your comment that you are looking for a solution. It is more difficult to generate a solution when you are contracted, which is what resistance to the situation creates. Being resigned is also a contracted state. Once contracted, you cut yourself off from the flow of ideas that will help you creatively discover solutions to these challenges. Deep acceptance, as Eckhart describes it, means honoring life as it is in this moment and remaining open. From a state of acceptance you make choices and take action that is grounded in your state of presence. From a state of resistance, either no action is taken (except for complaining in the head) or the action you do take is more likely colored by your conditioning and unconsciousness. Practicing acceptance will allow you to honestly answer the question “what am I doing hear at this job?” and then summons the courage to take action that is aligned with how Life is calling you to be in service. All the best on your journey!

  3. Patrick Vaughan says:

    I am currenly going through a divorce with my wife of 13 years. She is leaving me and our three children for her “Soul Mate she just met 3 months ago. I have been reading Tolle’s work for a few years now and followed his webcast with Oprah along with books by Byron Katie and Neal Dnoald Walsh and Wayne Dyer. They have all helped me to cope with the situation.Acceptance that this is how my marraige and life will now nbe going forward is at times hard to accept. I get caught up in my mind looking at the past and playing out my future.
    I meditate every morning and read books from the authors I mentioned and others to help keep me on track. Here is an email I sent to my family trying to describe how I feel. Wanted to shere it with you.

    Hi everyone,

    I feel that over the past 4 weeks I have really put quite a burden on everyone with the circumstances I am going through. It has helped me tremendously to be reminded and to know I have friends and family I can count on to be there for me and my family and I truly appreciate the love and compassion I have received from everyone. I have dumped allot of personal information on everyone and whether that was the right thing to do I don’t know but I think I would have gone crazy if I did not have all of you here to talk to.

    Having said that I feel it is important for me to share where I am at right now and ask for one more favor.

    Nothing I have said or done has changed Sheryl’s mind. I can no longer fight the reality that she has moved on.

    I have gone through all the emotions of pain, regret, anger, sadness, fear, loneliness you name it and I noticed they all had one thing in common.

    They always come to me when I am thinking off the past or worrying about the future. When I see or think of Sheryl in the present moment I still feel love for her as someone I have been with for 18 years, the mother of my children and a friend. So I am choosing to live through those thoughts and avoid the painful ones that really have no bearing or meaning in my life today.

    I don’t tell Sheryl I understand or agree with what she is doing but in the end is it better for me to carry around a bunch of anger and regret and jealousy.
    I can’t fight this reality, so I chose to show love, compassion and forgiveness and not dwell on a past I can’t change or an imagined future that doesn’t exist and only brings me pain. Not because I am some great person but because it makes my life easier, makes me feel better, makes me better with the kids and stops me from going crazy.

    We are not bodies trying to live a spiritual life. We are Spirits (souls) trying to live a bodily life here on earth and our mind keeps us disconnected from the eternal truth that we are all one, One with God, and that we will all return to that place when we are done here.

    All of us are doing the best we can with the tools we have at our disposal. We all are going to make mistakes, hurt ourselves and each other with some of our choices.

    How do we treat each other when this happens. Weren’t we taught to show compassion and to turn the other cheek. Can you cast the first stone?

    Please help me make this a special Christmas for Kiley, Maegan and PJ and all of us.

    Reach out to someone today and tell them you love and appreciate them. Forgive someone today! Why not!

    Remember we are all just trying our best to make this life meaningful. Can we show love and compassion to the ones we love and are closest to first and work our way out from there.

    Life here on this earth is to short to waist. I know I did not learn enough from losing Maryellen to change things. I don’t want to waist another opportunity to grow and become a better person.

    I love you all and thanks again for all your help.

    Lets have a Merry Christmas and I look forward to all the good times ahead,



    I just found your website and look forward to listening to ore of your podcast. Thanks for putting great content out to help others like me.

    • Elizabeth James says:

      Hi Patrick, Good for you taking the higher road in this!! I
      recently saw a clip of Dan Mohler’s (he is a dynamic new Christian thinker–really worth watching) on You Tube in one of
      his classes called “On Becoming Love,” where he counseled with a young couple intending to help the young wife, who decided there was better love for her in the arms of a different young man whom she had recently met on the internet. She was planning to go live with him. in hopes that he would provide better and more continuous love than her husband could provide. Meanwhile, the young husband freaked out and railed at God for five days straight about this happening to him. He happened to be a Christian, and with all this questioning and railing toward God, he said he had a visitation from Jesus which calmed him, and with Dan Mohler’s counsel, realized that HE did not have the problem–it was HIS WIFE was the one in trouble, and he should be giving prayerful concern and attention to HER, not to himself…
      At more or less the same time, when the young wife returned, very disappointed and in tears, realizing that there was no genuine love to be had with that new man, Dan Mohler visited her to comfort her and then to give her some very straight talk about waking up to who she really was, and urging her to face her issues in a more constructive way. Within a month, the couple became reunited. Your attitude seems very good toward your situation, and may your wife’s lessons be learned gently with ease, grace and non-blame, so that all of you may win in this growth experience. Blessings to you, Elizabeth James

  4. leo says:

    Dear Patrick,
    Thank you so much for sharing your deeply heartfelt letter and your insights on presence and aceptance – especially as they guide you in dealing with a difficult divorce.

    I was really touched by your letter to your family. It shows a deep love emerging for the humanity in all of those around you, not just your ex-wife and your children, but all those who are present with you and who are there to support you in your journey. You are not alone.

    You are truly embracing humanity in its broadest sense and, in that way, I sense you are living in the presence of something much greater than form (as you so elegantly put it).

    I wish you all the best through these challenging times. I also hope our podcasts will continue to be of service.

    Peace and love to you,

  5. Frank says:

    I would like to comment on Pat’s email and especially his letter to his family and friends. That was a fabulous gesture on his part to those he loves. It touched me in a very heartfelt way. You see, I wish I knew of The Power of Now when I went through a very painful divorced six years ago. If I had, I would like to think I would have written a letter much like his. But that’s in the past. This is the present and he did.

    Pat, you provided a powerful example of how we can live our lives in peace and how we can spread joy right this very second, once we remove ourselves from our story, regardless of how seemingly painful. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Jose Mesler says:

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  7. Joe Mc says:

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