LWT 15 | Deep, Restful Sleep and Eckhart Tolle’s Teachings with Brendon Bjornson

| November 21, 2009 | 16 Comments

Are you having trouble getting deep, restful sleep? Do you want to understand why you lay awake at night? Do you want to overcome insomnia? Join us and special guest, Brendon Bjornson, as we discuss how to access Presence in the midst of nighttime restlessness to feel re-energized and fully awake come morning, even if you only “sleep” a wink. All this and more on the recording of our November 3rd Teleseminar.

On page 110 of The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle reveals how transformative the experience of dreamless sleep can be:

“You take a journey into the Unmanifested every night when you enter the phase of deep dreamless sleep. You merge wit the Source. You draw from it the vital energy that sustains you for a while when you return to the manifested, the world of separate forms.”

We encourage you to read then entire section on Dreamless Sleep for further insight.

Brendon brings to the conversation a wealth of scientific information on the various stages of sleep that transpire during the course of the night. If you are not getting a good night of restful sleep, a natural progression through the stages of sleep are never achieved and that deep connection to the Source that should naturally occur every night may be interrupted unnaturally by stress and anxious thoughts.

We also explore the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and how they can support achieving a deep, restful night of sleep and renewed energy.

Now for more on our guest:

Brendon BjornsonBrendon had a profound Awakening experience while attending a live talk with Eckhart Tolle in 2001. When he sat with Eckhart in Presence he came to know his True Self. He knew himself, life, and the world, in a whole new way.

Brendon has degrees in engineering and philosophy. He went on to work as an engineer in the corporate world for five years where he practiced presence in the work place.

Brendon’s outer purpose was revealed to him while attending a retreat with Eckhart Tolle in Costa Rica in 2004. His outer purpose is to help awaken consciousness on the planet. A key tool is utilizing the power of the internet and technology.

Brendon and a friend then started a community organization called Calgary-Satsang.com to promote and host weekend retreats with spiritual teachers from the United States, Canada and Europe.

In 2004, Brendon was asked to give satsang by Pamela Wilson. He began giving satsang and teaching meditation and yoga as part of supporting people in awakening.

Brendon took “The Leap” in 2008 by quitting his “secure” engineering career to live his life’s purpose. He and his wife Christine live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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Greg Larsen is the co-founder of Living with Tolle and an author, sound healer, and spiritual teacher. He was introduced to The Power of Now in 2000 and began leading groups and giving talks on the teachings in 2003.

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  1. Terry Lyle says:

    Thanks for this very helpful seminar. I have spent many years struggling with peaceful sleep. In the past I’ve spent many nights pacing and anguishing until dawn.
    After I started my meditation practice in 2007, I’ve discovered some very amazing things when it comes to sleep. Brendon, you really hit the nail on the head with your comments about releasing your thoughts and focusing on the inner body.
    The meditation program I use came with a cd that you played while you were going to sleep. It was simply the sounds of waves crashing on the shore. A very peaceful sound. That really helped to ease the path into sleep.
    I discovered later on that I didn’t need the cd as I came to be able to focus on the inner body or my breath at will. Even now, if I wake in the night (as Brendon describes), I can easily slip into a mindful meditation by focusing on my breath, my inner body, the sounds (or lack of) around me, etc. The sound of ny wife’s breath is particularly relaxing.
    No more endless mind chatter that leads me into the depths of despair. I actually look forward to those wakeful times because I can use them for practice. I’m up the next day as refreshed as if I had slept the whole night through.
    I want to share a couple of interesting experiences about sleeping and dreaming. I was plaqued by some very disturbing dreams riddled with fear. Recently, after three years of meditation, I began to focus on my dreamstate. Before I went to sleep, I reminded myself that my dreams were “my dreams”. That they were created only to serve me for good. That I am in control of my dreams. I could change my dreams if I chose to.
    On one occasion I was conciously aware that I was dreaming a very disturbing dream. Things were just going from bad to worse. I was aware that this was not what I wanted my dream to be. All of a sudden “i” spoke up in my dream and said “Damn it! This is my dream and it will go the way I want it to!” Beleive it or not, the rest of the night was a joy.
    Another time I was dreaming a very recurrent dream where there are these “things” that cling to me and I struggle to remove them (resist them). Difficult to describe in real terms. But, During one of these episodes, I realized I was watching the dream happen, and said to myself, “Stop resisting. Let what is happening be okay. You are creating this fear. Let it go.”

    I literally felt myself relax in that dream and the “clinging things” simply fell away. I seldom have bad dreams anymore and when I do I seem to be there to deal with them.

    Sleep is a real pleasure these days.

  2. @Terry Lyle – Thank you for the wonderful feedback and for sharing your own experience of the practice.

  3. Greg says:

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

    I have found that as I grow in presence power that my dream state is where my ego and pain-body like to wreak havoc. I have also focused my conscious attention on my dreams so I can shine the light of consciousness on these powerful stories I am forced to live.

    I highly encourage everyone to bring a greater degree of awareness to your dream time if you are experiencing disturbing or negative dreams.

    Thanks again Terry!


  4. Since I started meditating for 1 hour per day I have had such beautifully deep and restful sleep. It’s been amazing. I wake up and feel as if I’ve slept for a hundred years! I connect with source and get true rest. I wrote about it on my most recent post. I won’t post a link. Love what you’re doing here guys, I’m one of the silent listeners. Keep it up, you’re appreciated!

  5. Terry Lyle says:

    Hi Richard!
    Please give us a link. I went to your blog but couldn’t find the post you mention. I also read through some of your other posts and think that I will visit again.
    I hope that these responses of yours are a sign that you are moving beyond being silent. I found some insightful comments on your blog that are worth sharing.

  6. Hey Terry, It’s near the latest article called “Awareness Meditation”. It’s the most recent article and you’ll find it on the homepage. It’s just near the bottom of the article in the “appreciation” section. It’s really brief but I do have a lot of Eckhart Tolle centric material. I’ve just experienced things that are undescribable following his teachings.

  7. dave perry says:

    It’s great to read something about sleeping problems on a site dedicated to the teachings of Eckart Tolle. I struggle with getting to sleep before going to work. If I think of how not fighting what is, in the moment, applies to my situation I can see that I’m really angry at not being able to fall asleep, so, deeply resistant, in other words. I find it so difficult to accept that I’m not sleeping.
    Surrendering to what is is such a subtle process. A very, very, gentle subtle decision made from within.

  8. Terry Lyle says:

    I really liked your comment “surrendering to what is is such a subtle process”. It’s so true. We struggle to change what is and then suffer the pain that comes with that futile process. Then we try to force ourselves to surrender…it never works that way does it? But, by just watching what’s happening, things are not so painful as they had seemed. I “struggled” with sleepness nights for many many years. Once I learned to simply observe what was going on instead of wishing for something different, my nights became so much more peaceful. I still, on occaision, lay awake at night but I no longer fight it. It’s a time of peaceful watching (even when my mind is having a free-for-all) and I use it to slip into meditation (when I am aware enough to do so). My nights are bliss compared to years ago. All because of that “subtle process” of surrendering to what is.

  9. Greg says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for sharing your situation with the community! Funny how being angry about not being able to fall asleep feeds that which keeps us from being able to fall asleep!! Yes, surrendering to what is is a subtle process – and by keeping to the process and not focusing on the result – will allow the “result” to occur more organically. I also highly recommend meditation before going to be to withdraw energy from the mind. All the best on your journey!


    Thanks for your comments! “Peaceful watching” sounds like a great spiritual practice. Keep it up!!

  10. Lila says:

    I just found your website. I have listened to some of your podcasts and I loved them. Thank you so much for this audio. I have always had sleep problems. Now I’m dealing with them differently. My lack of sleep have even prevented me from traveling or spending nights in places other than my house or especially other than my own room. I’m originally from Algeria and the last time I went to see my family was in 2008, but because I have had only 4 hour sleep nights for 20 days, I’m now scared to come back and see my family because of that. I didn’t enjoy my stay at all because of the lack of sleep. I will try to listen to this audio some other time. Thanks again a lot!

  11. Greg says:

    Hi Lila. So glad to hear that you are enjoying the podcasts! From what you have described, I would highly recommend cultivating a meditation practice before going to bed. We have a free inner-body meditation on this site if you are looking for a place to start.

    There are lots of guided meditations available online and several that are specifically for those who experience difficulties sleeping. I would recommend you check out Meditation Oasis. Let us know if you find a program that works for you!

    All the best on your journey.


  12. Anonymous says:

    The first audio flie doesnt play animo re….why,wanted to listen to it again

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dear Brendon,
    Hello thx I had heard this audio file A few days ago n it really
    helped however now when I try playing it it says
    This audio file cannot be played
    Could you please see if it could be uploaded on again.
    Thx soo much

  14. Hillary says:

    Yes I would love to listen to it too! Please do post it!

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